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Volunteer Roles

Girls Rock! Phoenix strives to present role models for all our campers. We welcome individuals who self-identify as female, trans (regardless of identity), or gender nonconforming to apply for direct mentorship positions. We also welcome and appreciate allies of any gender identity to volunteer in indirect mentorship roles!

Direct Mentorship Opportunities

BAND COACH - Band Coaches will work directly with a band, facilitating songwriting, band collaboration, and gear setup. They will assist each camper in developing their respective instrument parts and also positive relationships with their fellow bandmates. Coaches must have basic knowledge of songwriting and some experience with at least one instrument offered at camp. (Experience on multiple instruments is preferred.)

BAND MANAGER - Band Managers are the camp counselors of rock camp. They are the primary contact for their group of campers throughout the day, and serve as mentors and role models for campers. Although no musical experience is required, they will team up with the band coach and are encouraged to take part in the songwriting process. The Band Manager supports campers during each camp activity (e.g., workshops, lunch, breaks, etc.) and maintains the safety and well-being of their campers at all times.

INSTRUMENT INSTRUCTOR - Instrument Instructors must have experience with either vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, or drums. They will be providing their campers with the basic musical knowledge and technique required to rock out! Instrument Instructors ensure that every camper feels confident playing their instrument and feels confident contributing to the songwriting process with their band.

WORKSHOP LEADER – There will be several one-hour long workshops on the day of camp. Workshop Leaders are expected to conduct sessions that are reflective of the Girls Rock! Phoenix mission: fostering positive self-expression, self-acceptance, creativity, and peer collaboration. Workshop Leaders will need to prepare their workshop to be presented twice -- once with age appropriate content for younger campers, and once with age appropriate content for older campers.

MENTAL HEALTH/FEELINGS CREW - Sometimes rock camp makes you feel all the feelings! So we need folks who are able to assist with helping campers (and possibly volunteers) work through emotional times if and when they come up. For this position, we prefer you have experience working as a counselor, social worker, or in a related field. Please let us know what experience you have if you're interested in this role!

Indirect Mentorship Opportunities

ROADIES/INSTRUMENT TECH CREW - This is a super important job, and one that we highly value! You'll be responsible for loading gear in/out of camp, as well as setting up rooms for instrument instruction, band practice, and group rehearsals. If you're less experienced with instruments, this is a wonderful opportunity to empower yourself and learn about gear and how it works! Skills you might learn include: gear terminology, distinguishing different instruments and amps for different instruments, how to wind cables, how to set up drum kits and PAs, how to tune guitars, basses, and drums, etc.

CRAFTY CREW - Wanna get artsy?? We need you!! One of the things that makes rock camp so magical is that it looks and feels like a space where you can be creative, colorful, and fun! We'll need help decorating our space so that it feels like rock camp and not just another day. This is your chance to go wild and feel like a kid again -- help us bring the glitter and the glam and the unicorns!!!

FOODIE CREW - Rock camp cannot happen when campers or volunteers are hangry!! We'll need folks to help get lunches/snacks prepared and served to campers and volunteers, while paying special attention to dietary restrictions. Taking on this role *does not* mean that you have to cook for everyone, or even secure food donations! Just that you're willing to help us organize it and serve it at camp. (Though if you want to help prepare food or solicit donations, we welcome that too!)

FRONT DESK CREW - We'll need folks to help check in campers, answer questions from parents, and be on hand to assist with administrative needs. It's also super helpful if you're organized and pay attention to detail...and if you're bilingual that's an extra bonus!!

FUN FLOATER - There may be a time at camp when you don’t have a specific duty assigned to you, or you’re generally assigned to be a floater. This means that you’re on hand to assist with things that come up. Floater duties can include everything from running out to pick up lunch for campers, to assisting with a workshop or instrument instruction, to sitting with a camper who may need some one-on-one attention, to helping roadie crew when they’re shorthanded, to anything else. These folks are jills-of-all-trades, and this position is also created based on the theory "many hands make light work!" This role has flexible availability.

DOCUMENTARIAN - We need to show everyone how cool rock camp is. Documentarians helps us take photographs and video for our Instagram, provide amazing band photos and help make a history of this amazing experience. This role has flexible availability.

SHOWCASE SQUAD - Putting on a rad show requires a lot of work. We need people who can collect donations, sit the green room with the bands, help load equipment in and our of the venue, and sell merch. This position requires availability on Saturday, June 15, 2019.