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A Day at Girls Rock! Camp

Morning assembly starts each morning at 9am. Then the campers head off to instrument instruction. Much like the planning team, the instructors have many different backgrounds. Instrument instructors are local musicians, many of whom have experience teaching their instruments. Instrument classes have approximately 4 - 6 campers per class.

After instrument instruction, campers attend a workshop in a group of about 15 - 20 campers. Workshops cover a variety of musical and non-musical topics: songwriting, history of women in music, positive body image, and self-defense are some of our past course offerings.

After lunch, campers will attend band practice, and then another workshop like the ones described above. Each band has approximately 3 - 5 members each, with a minimum of two mentors at all times. Band coaches are local musicians who mentor the bands through the forming of their band, writing their song, and all musical aspects of our program. Band managers are mentors who encourage and empower the participants to find their voices, take the stage, and become part of the camp community.

We end the day with a closing assembly at about 4pm, with pick up at 4:30.

Who are Girls Rock Camp Volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all over the Valley, and even from out-of-town destinations. Each offers a skill set and unique approach to their direct or indirect work with our campers with the shared goal of creating a safe environment for a productive and fun camp. All volunteers have been vetted, and a background check has been completed for each one.

Does my child need to know how to play a rock instrument?

Experience on a selected instrument is not required; we take them from where they are and teach them from there. We also provide the instruments for campers to use for the week. When your child applies for our camp, they will be asked to select their top three choices of the following instruments: bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals. We do our best to honor one of your camper's top choices.

We hope this answers some of your questions about Girls Rock! Camp. If you need any additional information, please visit us on Facebook or email